Top Alternatives to Dungeon Siege 2 for Windows

Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege 2 Free

A dungeon crawling role playing game with swords and spells

Hack and slash your way through a never-ending barrage of monsters and mythical creatures with Dungeon Siege 2. Using your sword and spells, you destroy monsters as you take a linear path through the wilderness and through dungeons. The gameplay is repetitive because all you do is kill monsters over and over again, but the game presents you with different monsters to mix things up a little. The game is not very well loved because the expansion pack is not included with the game, you cannot buy or download the expansion, and the LAN/Online multiplayer doesn’t work anymore. Dungeon Siege 2 beats the first game, but the graphics and variety are a little better with the third Dungeon Siege. Consider playing Dungeon Siege 2 before you move on to Dungeon Siege 3 so that you can draw more gaming hours out of the franchise.

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